Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vashon Island, Washington State: Point Robinson Lighthouse

Adding different ingredients to your work is what life is about.   Mozart added flute and harp only once in his harmonic career and look what happened.  Oh, it just happened to be his best hit.  
This lighthouse on the southern tip of Vashon Island in Washington State was on my mind today.  The drift wood could be compared to most of Mozart's music, rich in movement, surprising and robust.  You add a red roofed lighthouse and it changes the whole gray and green scene.   My family stayed in a vintage 1980's beach house on Vashon Island last summer.  When we tired of listening to tape cassettes of The Police and Bobby Brown we knew it was time to go for a long walk!
There were miles of dark charcoal compact sand and gray stones along the evergreen packed forest that acted as a drape to the beach.  At least we were told there was a lighthouse at Point Robinson.  As we got closer to our destination the gray bleached out drift wood lead us to a mirror gray shore line.   I knew the lighthouse had to be special after inspecting the gorgeous care taker's cottages.  The care takers probably didn't have cassettes of Chaka Kahn, I Feel For You either.

This restored lighthouse tells how the locals take pride in their landmark.  In the dark of night a sailor can find their way home.  The light house still serves its purpose.  It is such a sharp contrast between the rough gray drift wood.  The green trim echoes evergreens that cover the island.  The red is cheerful and welcoming.  The structure also gives human scale.  

Whether something's funky or flawless is less important than whether it feels right.  If you can't imagine it looking any other way, it's perfect.  - Pilar Viladas, The New York Times Style Magazine, page 16.  


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