Saturday, February 25, 2012

Every Little Thing

This is Jeanne Collins home and ceramic studio.  This is just one of the 13 studios on Ceramics Research Center ASU Art Museum Ceramic Studio Tour.  Ying, a City of Phoenix intern who sits at our Wednesday morning meetings and I wanted to see Stephen Bunyard's work since we all work together on the City of Phoenix Center for the Arts Building Addition.  I could have hooked up a trailer to my car and bought so much more. 

Extra large Sculptural Vessels, Paulette Galop,

Jeanne's property is quite wonderful with ceramic desert garden follies peeking around every cactus and boulder.

I invited Ying to tennis at 8:00am this Saturday morning.  We followed it with a Windsor  breakfast just north of Camelback on Central Avenue.    After we couldn't eat anymore pancakes and huevos rancheros we headed to Jeanne Collins Studio for a ceramic tour.  The Ceramic Studio Tour is hosted by ASU Art Museum and runs Saturday and Sunday, Feb 25 and 26 9am-5pm.

Extra large Sculptural Vessels, Paulette Galop,

I could see this piece inside the entry of the Center for the Arts along the concrete steps. It could be mounted to a masonry wall vertically. Awesome!  Could you see tea light candles inside this thing at night? OH MAMACITA!

Double Walled Bowls, Tom Kerrigan,

The vessels by Kerrigan had these whimsical dancing figures painted in silver.  I think I started a buzz when I bought the vertical vessel because his pieces started to fly off the table.  I am biased since he is from Tucson.  His work screams Barbara Kingsolver, cupie doll, and 4th Avenue weirdness. 

Extra large Sculptural Vessels, Paulette Galop,

These plant vessels are stunning.  I would love to have about 15 of these slowly eroding in my landscape. 

Double Walled Bowls, Tom Kerrigan,

This is a treasure that I brought back home today.  It is a complete representation of harsh desert plant life and soft clouds of the Arizona sky.  

 Creamy sculpted scales with threatening prickly metal spines.  I am so happy he embedded those metal things into the clay.  I love that the shape doesn't remind me of anything really.  I tend to like more abstract art.

Sculptural Vessels, Stephen Bunyard,

This original piece was made by Stephen Bunyard who is also one of the Project Managers for the Center for the Arts.  I love this piece!  I encourage Steve to do more of this.  I bought this piece back in December at the Tree House studio in Phoenix.  Since then my daughter has nicknamed it "Lippy".  I had it on my makeup counter but it has graduated to the front entry niche.  

Sculptural Vessels, Stephen Bunyard,

The power of three.  The two on the right are Bunyards work.  The piece on the left is from Sedona by an unknown artist.  It doesn't fill the niche vertically like I wish it would. I cropped off the empty top half of the niche.  Let's see if Bunyard will make a taller lip vessel and that could all change! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Center for the Arts Rising

It amazes me how many things there are to learn about how buildings go together. I know I will never know it all.  I stand in amazement over the Center for the Arts ADA Additions for the City of Phoenix.  I mean it was always exciting to stand on the dirt and see the footings and electrical panels going in.   One day this week I managed to be alone in the new two story space and was able to shoot some photos of the new concrete masonry walls.  I love the way it is looking right now without finishes and floor slabs.  The "fuego" red block plays against the gray interior masonry walls.  I don't want to get all poetic or anything but the way it looks right now is sublime and delightful.  It was a similar feeling to the time I experienced a cathedral for the first time in Paris.  It looks even better than what was in my head.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I need to go to London to see oma-progress-exhibition-now-open-in-london for myself. STUDIO SPACE. 

Gawd save the Queen.

No, that is not remotely me.  I am the one wearing Prada.

Comme des Garcons Spring Ready to Wear 2012

Comme des Garcons Spring Ready to Wear 2012 - Oh the layers.

Teknion WorkplaceOne: The New Norm

A question hit me like a laser beam this week.  Do you want to know what it was?  This really big shot successful business owner asked me "Why do you want to have a studio outside your home?".  The long sleeve shirt was crisp and deep blue so I did take him seriously.  It is hard to take anyone seriously when there shirt is not crisp.  I mean did you just pick that up from the bottom of your car?

Serbin STUDIO SPACE feels a lot like Architecture college days at the University of Arizona.  Burn out colors of avocado green, exposed brick walls and mat finish bronze metal hand rails that take you to this concrete roof deck.   STUDIO desks are high and joined together like rafts floating along an open sea.   The expansive open trussed space is permeated with burning foam, dried hay, fresh cut wood, Pepsi, preztles and old timey bike smell.   

There are little bits of sea life that make their way to the mass of work desks.  Chip board, foam core, metal ends, dried up glue in wrinkled clumps, exacto blades safely stuck sharp side down into tiny dense foam cubes and cats.   Card board study models adorn the endlessly tall walls.   A cheese burger nestled inside layers of scribbled on buff paper entombed in silver glitter paint.    

 Metal silver stick pins hang inspirational bits like slot canyons, Out of Africa book covers, Owl Sprit in Port Townsend, Jacqueline Kennedy wearing Chanel, French Press Coffee, Eastman Cotton Gin, autographed cards, Comme des Garcons, Go Go's Our Lips are Sealed 45 cover and smiling cupie dolls.  

Drone of activity comes and goes like currents.  Rogers and Hammerstein *spelled it right the first time* show tunes in the morning and Nirvana late into the night.  There is a group of kids playing hacky sack in the corridor and time stands still for a while.  Someone is using the spray booth painting their model base hot pink. 

Sewing machines running in front of a wall of smartly arranged fabric bolts.  Metallic vinyls are being cut into shapes by a laser cutter so loud that it nearly cancels out Nirvana Plateau unplugged.    Sam Harvey bags assembled with acute attention on a huge table sheltered with a thick leather.  Hardware samples, straps, colorful spools of thread cover the walls.  

Barn in Buckeye, Arizona. STUDIO SPACE.


Prada Spring 2012

STUDIO SPACE is a card board model ripped apart and re-glued countless times.