Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Center for the Arts Rising

It amazes me how many things there are to learn about how buildings go together. I know I will never know it all.  I stand in amazement over the Center for the Arts ADA Additions for the City of Phoenix.  I mean it was always exciting to stand on the dirt and see the footings and electrical panels going in.   One day this week I managed to be alone in the new two story space and was able to shoot some photos of the new concrete masonry walls.  I love the way it is looking right now without finishes and floor slabs.  The "fuego" red block plays against the gray interior masonry walls.  I don't want to get all poetic or anything but the way it looks right now is sublime and delightful.  It was a similar feeling to the time I experienced a cathedral for the first time in Paris.  It looks even better than what was in my head.

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