Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day with Herman

Thanksgiving Day.  It is quiet.  Not one phone call *except for Erik my brother wondering what time we need to drive to Phoenix it be with the Townies for Thanksgiving*.  I took this photo of myself laying on top of this rocky mountain about a 5 minute hike from the Serbin Studio home office. 

I am thankful that Serbin Studio is. had been the choice fate of Pierre to have been born and bred in the country.  For to a noble American youth this indeed-more than in any other land-this indeed is a most rare and choice lot.  For it is to be observed, that while in other countries, the finest families boast of the country as their home; the more prominent among us, proudly cite the city as their seat.  Too often the American that himself makes his fortune, builds him a great metropolitan house, in the most metropolitan street of the most metropolitan town.  Whereas a European of the same sort would thereupon migrate into the country.  That herein the European hath the better of it, no poet, no philosopher, and no aristocrat will deny.  For the country is not only the most poetical and philosophical, but it is the most aristrocratic part of this earth, for it is the most venerable, and numerous bards have ennobled it by many fine titles.

*um...bard is a poet, just so you know, and plebeian is one who is or appears to be of the middle or lower order*

Whereas the town is the more plebeian portion: which, besides many other things, is plainly evinced by the dirty unwashed face perpetually worn by the town; but the country, like any Queen, is ever attended by scrupulous lady's maids in the quise of the seasons, and the town hath a brave dress for every week in the year; sometimes she changes her dress twenty-four times in the twenty-four hours; and the country weareth her sun by day as a diamond on a Queen's brow; and the stars by night as necklaces of gold beads; whereas the town's sun is smoky paste, and no diamond, and the town's stars are pinchbeck and not gold.

Herman Melville, Pierre; or, The Ambiguities, published in 1852.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Benbow Veterans Memorial Dedication

November 11th Veterans Day marked the dedication for Benbow Veterans Memorial on Mainstreet Buckeye, Arizona.

When I joined the Mainstreet Coalition last winter, Ron Noble, President of the Buckeye Mainstreet Coalition handed me a concept sketch of what he envisioned for the Benbow Veterans Memorial. When I first looked at the drawing I thought, "How lucky am I to give some input on this local project!" 

Watercolor, Lara Serbin,2011

The presentation watercolor and many other drawings were presented to the Buckeye community to gain approval and momentum. To learn more about  Benbow Veterans Memorial check out this article featuring Ron Noble, the President of the Buckeye Mainstreet Coalition.

Ron Noble, President of the Buckeye Mainstreet Coalition

It is quite wonderful to see the reflections as one stands in front of the black granite memorial wall.  What you see here is the first phase of construction. As more funds are raised, further phases will be constructed.  Do you have a loved one who served in the military?  Bricks pavers are being sold now for $50.00 each to raise money needed to finish the project. Serbin Studio has order forms if you are interested in purchasing a brick.  Please contact Lara Serbin if you are interested.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Silo

The Town of Buckeye Park and Ride construction site.  A project design by Serbin Studio Architects.

I got the chills as I looked at these photos this morning. OK, I wasn't there when Hunter Construction was craning this silo into place.  I am chained to this desk reviewing shop drawings for another beauty about to be built.

This is my baby silo. Do you remember when this silo was just an idea on watercolor paper?  I have to admit Jeffrey and I were hoping it would fit the day this was happening.  Do we really want to be on site when they are lowering this thing into place?!

I have to get down there to check it out for myself.  This is a very proud moment.

Special thanks to Rob McGee from W.C. Scoutten of Goodyear Arizona who sent these great photos.  Loving what the clouds were doing too! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Construction Progress at Buckeye Park and Ride

Howard Blomker with Hunter Contracting drove me in his truck full of contractor things *one of those doors that felt like trying to shut a bank vault* all over Town of Buckeye Park and Ride construction site last week.  This project is the idea and inspiration from the good people of the Town of Buckeye.  The open house is already on the calendar and by the looks of things this place will be ready to pick up bus riders soon.

Howard dropped me off here so he could answer the millions of questions that the many crews on site had waiting for him.  I watched this concrete mix truck mix and dump concrete to make the street that future busses will drive over soon.  Jon McMahon with Overton Builders took over as tour guide at this point. 
The security building is the built structure on the site so far. 

The security building is on the right hand side partially covered by the bus in the forground. The metal roof pitch is cranked much higher than the sketch.  It will be easier to locate from Jackrabbit Road.  Yes, that is all there was out here before this Park and Ride, just busy rabbits fighting with quail over seeds.  

Jon was showing off the hardware for the turn buckle at the metal roof cables.  Mega watt cool.

I know I showed this already but didn't you want to see them smoothing out the concrete?  This was happening so fast!

Security building.  Nobody wanted to be in the picture.

These columns will support a future shade canopy for your parked car.  Well even in the shade those crayons will melt pretty good.