Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Silo

The Town of Buckeye Park and Ride construction site.  A project design by Serbin Studio Architects.

I got the chills as I looked at these photos this morning. OK, I wasn't there when Hunter Construction was craning this silo into place.  I am chained to this desk reviewing shop drawings for another beauty about to be built.

This is my baby silo. Do you remember when this silo was just an idea on watercolor paper?  I have to admit Jeffrey and I were hoping it would fit the day this was happening.  Do we really want to be on site when they are lowering this thing into place?!

I have to get down there to check it out for myself.  This is a very proud moment.

Special thanks to Rob McGee from W.C. Scoutten of Goodyear Arizona who sent these great photos.  Loving what the clouds were doing too! 

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