Monday, April 25, 2011

Park It and Ride

Grass will be waving in the winds instead of flowing water.  Do you have a floodgate we can have? I am serious now!

Welcome! This is the first blog for Serbin Studio.  I decided The Town of Buckeye Park and Ride would be a grand entry.  This project started in 2010 and is just about ready for construction.  Buckeye is a vast town well it is honestly hard to call it a town because it's boundaries stretch all of 600 square miles, larger than Phoenix!  Yes, townies you heard me, larger than Phoenix!  Hardly a town this Buckeye. Well anywoo we have designed this Park and Ride. The one thing that let's you know you are in Buckeye is the canals, grain silos and agricultural farmlands.  There are even herons that live out there.   For those that don't know that is a wading bird.  Geez.

Eastman Cotton Gin one of Buckeye's treasured historical sites.  This is close to the Hellzappopin Rodeo Stadium.

This is where the color palette came from for the Park and Ride. This is corrugated panels from inside the Eastman Cotton Gin.  This is as close to inside as I could get. The building is structurally unstable inside.

One of the inspirations for the Park and Ride structures.  This signage lives on Monroe Avenue which is Historical Main Street Avenue for Buckeye.