Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keep Cover Tight Disconnect Circuit Before Opening

Chime with a deep gong sound.  Made from a tank and bus signage.  Pure Buckeye ingenuity.

It is easy to feel good when I am here at Jackrabbit Nursery in Buckeye, Arizona.  There is a smallish black cat that doesn't have a name and a peacock that wanders around spying on customers.  This was a basic kind of day.  No meetings and no real agenda.  Basic like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and making chicken soup from scratch.

I hope these roosters didn't hear the part about chicken soup.    When they did take a break from eating, they would throw back their head and hack up a "cack ah cawww" without any care in the world.  They  didn't give a rip. 

Simple structures sitting under shade trees are the gems in Buckeye.  The owners of the Jackrabbit Nursery didn't care that my children were scampering around their farm without my supervision at all times.  We were free to explore.  There were horses to pet, a pot belly pig sitting in the shade and lots of cacti for sale. You can see pig on the left above.  

No nursery in Buckeye is complete without some old gas pumps sitting around.  Keep cover tight disconnect circuit before opening.  The colors on this photo could make for a nice color palette someday.

Action photo of me carrying my keys. The fun really started when I put my keys in my bag and just watched the roosters.  It is fun to take a photos of different vantage points. 

Look at the layers in this photo.  The rusted post and beam framing the sky.  The building in the background framing the Estrella Mountains.  The cacti were being watered and my kids were petting horses with covers over their eyes.

A splash of turquoise on the sun bleached wood shed.  

This is the weird part.  When I got back to my studio I felt like I had been to the Jackrabbit at this exact time last year.  Today is my daughter Eva's birthday.  I found myself leafing through my chase bank notes from last year in October.  Sure enough, I had taken my girls to this same place last October 24th in 2011 on Eva's birthday and bought one plant.  It is like the admission to wander around the place and pet everything. The black cat was a kitten and the owner had just found her.  I am pretty sure that I made chicken soup that day too.  

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