Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Not About the Trees... But It Is

This is what Jeffrey's computer screen looked like yesterday afternoon while we were taking some trees down several notches.  

Jeffrey M. Serbin is very good at Sketchup.  When we were done editing a recent building project which is conveniently not shown here due to a top secret nature, I asked him what he was to do with trees.  For most designers, the more NON a tree is in a rendering the higher pedigree of architect you are.  This is just an observation.

This is not our design above.  I am just saying the trees are too literal here.  It reminds me of when my mentor who would slink by for a desk critique.  He would look at my drawing in silence and then ask, "What do you think of that green?  That is really green.  You might want to warn the townspeople and protect the children if you use that golf course turf green on those trees!"  Then he would adjust his tiny circle cut lenses and cup his pointed chin with his freckled knuckles.  Silence.

My mentor has a point that I secretly agree with to this day.  Trees should fade away from the building.  I don't know the credit to give for the rendering above.  The trees above are a good height, muted green, and barely there thin trunks.  I would prefer to see the trees slightly transparent so we could see the columns translate all the way down to the ground.  This rendering really pulls you in with the dark shadows in the plaza.  The white entourage pops, while some linger in shadow.  The red car really makes it too.  Complementary colors at work: green and red = happy clients saying yes, I love this idea.  

The Sketchup tree on the left is the one Jeffrey edited yesterday.  We picked it from the Sketchup tree library for its fullness and balance.  Each leaf is a 3-D unit that needed toning down.  He will take that tree into the rendering and throw shadows on it.  I would like the trunk to be thinner and angled but I need to stop at some point.

My mentor could re-name grass green Prismacolor colored pencil to:

wait for it....


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