Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meet and Greet

Left to right: Chris Wass, Ron Noble, Tony Youngker, Brian McAchran, Jay Broadbent and Cheryl Sedig has the really nice job.  I really was there but holding the Iphone.

Jack a 9 year old neighbor of mine just knocked yesterday to see if my girls wanted to go ride bikes.  This is another sign for amazing things that keep coming my way.   My street has been very quiet since some families moved out and houses have been vacant.  Seeing his inquiring big blue eyes filled me with hope of how I used to ride my bike with my friends at that age until the sun went down.  I got on my pink Muran mountain bike and Jack and I headed out to find my girls.  I rode standing on my pedals with my black Babolat tennis shoes and my t-shirt that says "Estrella Elementary Rocks" feeling full of myself.  My girls had already taken their bikes out of the garage and were somewhere between the rise and fall of the our mountain neighborhood.  Kids were outside riding bikes!  Somebody pinch me now!

Just an hour before Jack came to my door I was involved in a high energy, life-giving type of meet and greet at Cafe 25:35 in Downtown Buckeye.   

The Main Street Coalition which I have been a part of for the last 2 years were meeting with a group of big thinkers that have developed massively exciting plans for Historic Buckeye.  This is just evidence of what I had been talking about weeks ago during the presentation of the Design Initiatives for Down Town Buckeye.  I had finished the talk by saying that we want to attract the best of the best so we can play out bigger ideas on a grand scale.  Well here is evidence of this desire filling in.

I am still taking it all in right now.  It is like someone read my mind, made it 100 times better and did all the work.  It is really an exciting time to be living on this mountain and being an architect.  To think that Buckeye Main Street will be involved with what I saw just a glimpse of yesterday is exciting!   I am in the right place at the right time.  I am ready.

Thank you to Tony Youngker owner of Cafe 25:35  for providing great food and drinks yesterday.  If you can, stop by this up-cycled 1950's brick building on Buckeye Main Street for a BLT.

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  1. lots of exciting things happening in buckeye