Friday, December 2, 2011

Freshly Squeezed Color

It's hard to settle on which pic is the juiciest.  I just returned from a site visit to the Town of Buckeye Park and Ride.  Jeffrey had mentioned that the canopy paint colors were a little explosive.  For the last couple of nights I had dreams of possible solutions.  If it was a watercolor I could just go over with a layer of shadow.  Once I got out there I was feeling harmony over the color.  Ok, beyond harmony. Shizaaaaaam! Totally HOT don't you agree!

The headgate is in place.  I would have liked it to look more beat to hell rusted and such but I guess over time it will happen.  Once the baby grasses take root they will wave their grasses in the sun and be the analogy for the ever flowing water in the Buckeye canal systems.

I love how the concrete is glistening in the crisp morning air. I wanted to run right through it and make a body impression. I totally should have.  I would be banned from the ribbon cutting ceremony so I didn't do it.  Are you bummed over that now?

Check out the day glo bag on the concrete foundation. Really works with his orange vest. He is working it.

This is what I mean by juicy. Freshly squeezed concrete.

I am so happy we went with cool grey on the parking shade canopies. It is so right it makes me crazy right now.  Like the 500 piece lego set I bought. I specified all the pieces to be gray.  Kind of dismal for children.

The Grande Canal the Buckeye way.

This is juicy too. No not the crew.  Check out the colors.  Look up.

Um. Juicy.  At first they wanted to take out the sprinkler pipes but now that it is done,  it looks perfectly "Buckeye".  

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