Thursday, December 22, 2011

Concrete Pour

This was taken a couple weeks back at The Center for the Arts in Phoenix, Arizona.  Brycon Construction is the master of ceremonies on this project.   The contractors were getting ready for the concrete pour for the following morning. If I could just spend the entire day watching them build, I would. You know it.  Actually, I would eventually start helping them. What they are standing in will be the new elevator shaft.

You should be really happy right now that I don't know how to program a soundtrack of Any Williams "Happy Holidays" for this blog.  I loved that song for all time until I just watched him singing it. It was better not knowing how he smiles. Like a cheeky banana.

The only name I know in the photo above is Steve.  He challenged me to be there for The Pour at 5:00am the next morning.  I could barely sleep the night before. I kept going back and forth.  How crazy am I?! It was worth every minute of sleep I lost.  Steve wore salmon corduroy pants.  For knowing that the pants would get splashed with gray muck, that is pretty fashion of him.  Points for Steve.

This slot trough is the future concrete foundation.  Some guy was amazed that I was there to watch. He said "I get to do this everyday!"  Well, he said it with a period at the end.  Everything happens so fast.  If the mix is too runny or too thick everything needs to be re-done. The structural engineer who was there said he has seen when those wood form works just bust open when the concrete is poured.  Brycon's formwork was super strong.  

The guy in the orange vest is using a vibrating stick machine *good name for a band* to get all the air bubbles out that could really mess up the job once it is all set and dry. 

The white metal channel is how the concrete comes out of the truck. No I didn't take a picture of the truck. Just get over it OK!

Never wear leather boots on a morning like this. I tried to enjoy Ran's stories of making his friend get into a head injury sledding on a metal disk on a snow covered road pulled by a tractor but I just couldn't deal. I tried standing on a 2x4 but that did not help. My toes were frozen. I took shelter in my car and watched the sun come up.

Happy Holidays!

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