Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cozy Architecture

Great architectural doesn't always equal heightened experience. I had a moment just yesterday in a small hole in the wall in Port Townsend, Washington.  I liked that it was off the main historic drag.  No tourists.  This place was called the Owl Sprit and it was a warm cozy saffron colored surprise from the ice cold gusts of wind pushing against my face.  There were a group of 4 gray haired men with North Face coats on *seems to be the standard uniform here* seated at a matchbox of a table right in front of the door which they asked Jeffrey to kindly close once we got in.  A nude painting of a woman placed above a well worn arm chair across from an upholstered chair from another era, perhaps from a rummage sale next to the Christmas tree farm along a street named ECOLOGY.

The dark curly haired owner was behind a hand hewned wool shellacked counter chatting it up with some bearded flannel loveing guy eating alone. But he was far from alone.  I took one look at Jeffrey and said "Yes, we must eat here!".  Look I know this is not a travel blog but there is something to be said about creating warmth in a space.  I happen to love to eat.  I am very picky about my food.  I liked the fact that the owner was chatting and preparing in front of his audience.  One of the older gents literally just called out his order of the "famous chocolate chip cookies".  Serious decisions were made when I saw the soup.  It was saffron and super thick and the owner was ladeling it out into a bowl. They only had beef stew and a pumpkin. In my book I knew this place would be the bomb!  I hate when you go to a place for soup *let's just clear it now that Arizona chefs do not know how to make soup* and they have a million kinds. You know they come straight from some frozen plastic bag. Uggg. Nasty.

Well, as you can guess, the beef stew was amazing, OK. Amazing.  I was in a zone of pure happiness.  Everything was freshly baked at this place.  We even had French pressed coffee. No plates or mugs matched.  The owl painted on the wall with two mermaids twined together was cool too.  As far as me and murals go.  The glass dimpled orb lights from the 70's were glowing gold and staggered in height. In a place this cold in the winter, you need a place to go to warm up and feel welcome.

What will you be wearing to the New Years Lord of the Rings Dance Party at Under Town coffee house in Port Townsend?

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