Friday, February 8, 2013

You All Sing Pretty Out There

Sunday, 1/5 photo for #5shotchallenge theme: TEXTURE
Location: 32nd Street hike on Squaw Peak *still Squaw Peak to me*

I was invited to a challenge by a friend of mine named Heleluki to a #5shotchallenge on this Instagram that I am totally addicted to.  I don't really even know if this is a man or a woman.  Just my virtual friend Heleluki who lives in Finland and has 2 cats.  He sent me the challenge I think like Saturday night at midnight.  I told him quickly I would get back to him the next day. I lay on my #pillow wondering what a #5shotchallenge and then got a little tense thinking does it start now when I get it?  Is there a time limit?  I picked up my phone at midnight and asked, "So does that mean 5 photos in 5 days. Yes, he replied and added "Your theme will be 'texture', but only if you like and have the time of course."  Heleluki added "...and have fun!"  

Monday, 2/5 photo for #5shotchallenge theme: TEXTURE
Location: Buckeye, Arizona neighborhood east of Alice Charmin Building

I have to say the first photo was weak.  It wasn't really what I wanted so I decided for the following day the texture would need to be more structural.  I didn't want to just take shots of cactus ribs.  Most of the buildings in Arizona are stucco so it is a challenge to look for unique texture.  Texture is everywhere.  I liked the chain link with the grayscale.  Everything just bakes out here in the Arizona heat.

Tuesday, 3/5 photo for #5shotchallenge theme: TEXTURE
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona Biltmore Resort

So Tuesday I was in Phoenix with about 15 minutes to find inspiration.  As I was walking to my car with mascara from Saks 5th Avenue, I was going to snap the basket weave block facade on Macy's but I canned that idea.  Let's not get desperate, Heleluki said to have fun.  Macy's is not fun. What could be better....Frank Lloyd Wright blocks.  Frank knew a thing or two about adding texture to a facade. Why do so many designers weeney out by using stucco?  You can't see it but there are little bird nests in the cracks.

Wednesday, 4/5 photo for #5shotchallenge theme: TEXTURE
Location: Buckeye, Arizona, Alice's House

I invited myself , Eva and Lily to Alice's house on Wednesday in the middle of the day for inspiration.  It was fun indeed.  Alice has an outdoor workshop at her house with rock grinders, cutting tools and thirty years worth of collecting rocks and minerals.  The photo above is actually a football size of Fluorite. The color is a gorgeous grape purple.  My focus is texture not color. Just saying.  We poured some water over it and cleaned it up for you!

Thursday, 5/5 photo for #5shotchallenge theme: TEXTURE
Location: Buckeye, Arizona, Alice's House

Inside Alice's house are collections of many things like roadrunner figurines, De Grazia paintings, and hobnail glass dishware.  To me the hobnail glass conjures Buckeye as 'Mayberry' perfectly.  I need Mayberry.  When you are in someone's home in Buckeye you may have the chance to pick out a piece of candy out of a glass hobnail bowl.


So Lily's 3rd grade class were not listening in music class yesterday. They're charge was to write eight sentences about Louis Armstrong.  As I was reading the reminder from school my Pandora was playing "Let's Fall in Love" by Louis Armstrong so here you go.  Armstrong's voice has lots of texture.

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