Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bee Box Collection

Lately, the best feeling I get is being outside.  I find answers in my surroundings. I live in Goodyear, Arizona.  As an architect it is important to get out and see spaces.  When you live in the country like me you have to be very creative.  Even a canal head gate can be inspiration for a future design.  I have an ongoing filing system where I store all of my digital photography.  So far, each city or town that I have visited has its own folder full of photographs I have taken.   I have a photographic memory that I pull from when designing.  

These bee boxes are on my drive to downtown Buckeye, Arizona.  To get to downtown I cross the Gila River, a riparian waterway cut through the desert.  Right after I cross the wash there is a cluster of bee boxes that sit below the road protected by old knarled trees.  Last summer I attempted to take a photo but I was put off by the swarm of bees. 

A couple of days ago I gave it another shot and this time when I got closer to the boxes I didn't hear anything at all.  No flowers in bloom anywhere so now is the time to visit.  The simple columns of stacked wood boxes are simple and elegant.  Each corner is joined with dove tail connections.  Worn out branding letters in black are nicely faded but still legible. The boxes are mostly white in nature with one or two of pastel blue and pink.  The sequence of the layer looks random to me but ordered by the exactness of the stacking.  There is no hardware only a simple indentation for the hand to manipulate the box position.   

Most bee box collections can be seen under trees by agricultural fields. It is a co-creative process between plant and bee.  The bees inside are so orderly taking orders, fulfilling duty and serving the Queen bee. The exterior of the box speaks of purity and innocence like a baby's nursery.

The next logical step is to see what happens when these boxes are opened.  I need a bee suit now so I can get a closer look at the texture.  Something makes me want to go back and take another look at sunset.  So maybe I won't wear my bright orange pants?

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