Thursday, July 19, 2012


Watering my pencil cacti this morning.

The pink silk lining was all hand sewn at the seams.  This time around, my rule was to only do the hand sewing at a table so the seams came out straight.  My previous couture jacket I hand stitched the lining in a car during a road trip and it shows.  Everything needs to be flat and relaxed.

Full view of the interior of the jacket.  If you want to see how I quilted the lining to the tweed check out the links below.

If you had been reading the Sam Harvey blog in 2011 you would know about the tweed jacket project. If you are new to Serbin Studio Blog, you need to know that I, Lara Serbin the Founder of Serbin Studio and writer of this here blog love to sew when I am not working on your architectural project.  I am not exaggerating at all here friends. 

Susan Sprenger, my cousin who lives in Switzerland asked "Did you ever finish the tweed jacket?" last week.  I promised to deliver.  I have been done with this tweed jacket since November of 2012.  I had to dig up old posts from Sam Harvey and they are here if you want TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

This is the second jacket where I taught myself the ins and outs of couture sewing.  Learning to sew horse hair canvas to a collar to give it structure is no different than understanding how a steel beam is going to attach to an existing brick wall.  

The only way I finished this jacket was putting away all obstacles in my path like other patterns, patterns and other patterns. All last summer I worked on this jacket.  

The links below are my fabrication process.  I put this jacket together from initially cutting out the tweed with a light table to match the plaids to figuring out how to bound a button hole.


As far as the skirt goes, I did not sew it.  I found a lovely lady named Aneta in Glendale, Arizona who does alterations and has a love for sewing like I do. Sometimes I like to see what she is up to.  She had a tailor make the tweed skirt.  The skirt is not quilted but it hangs really nicely.

About half the clothing I wear is sewn by myself.  I love the variety, fast turn around and hearing the hum of my sewing machine relaxes me. Right now I am sewing knits which do not require lining.  Perfect for a busy schedule.

Photography by Lily Serbin who thought I should do push ups on a steep mountain.

I had a crochet necklace made for it too but it is not really needed. So I am told...

You want to see the crochet necklace...DAMN! Ok I will be right back.

Wearable Fiber Art Jewelry by Elena Rosenberg

Elena Rosenberg is the talented artist that I met at Weston Craft Show in New Hampshire last October. I sent her a swatch of the tweed and look at what she did! It is lovely to feel and wear.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! You did an awesome job!

  2. Your sewing is amazing. I love how the house matches the jacket. Was that one push up.