Monday, July 2, 2012

Building Poche

Today I am sketching up an alley improvement for Historic Buckeye on Monroe.  Actually, this is a continuation of the beautification which started at Benbow Veterans Park.

My light table is perfect for tracing the main components like buildings, trees and streets.

I am at the point when I poche all buildings white with my Prisma pencil. Poche is to block out with pencil. I am here to show you a short cut that I love to do. It would take too long to block out in pencil.  Copy the trace paper *you will see why I prefer to use yellow trace* with the right side up.

Cut out the buildings.  Remove chipped nail polish.  This is a fake photo of me cutting. How was I to do this with only 2 hands? Somebody had to snap the photo!  

My nails got chipped during my pancake party over the weekend!

Place the cut out under the same building outline on the trace paper.  You are not seeing the greatness yet. I KNOW! It is there.  This is where you need a very expensive leased Konika Minolta Bizhub C220. I have said too much.

You must slide in a piece of chip board *cool way to say ultra thin card board* under the trace paper.  Notice the white cut out is taped to the back side of the trace paper.  This would not be as cool with white trace paper.  The yellow trace gives it warmth and more contrast.  Now after I go make BBQ sauce for Wednesday, I will cut out all the other buildings.  I still have more color to add too.  Sometimes I need a diversion.

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