Monday, June 25, 2012

Painting Turquoise

Turquoise siding today at 8:55AM in Historic Buckeye, Arizona.   
Rusted Rabbit snapped last summer on Vashion Island in Washington State.   Rabbit makes it trek just once a week into to town for gas, sprouted things from the Country Store and a ride on the Ferry for coffee.  Pat's house is this austere gray box hidden in a canopy of green with a crazy bright red door. 

Valarie LaBore, cop by day and amazing fashion couture designer. I am talking chemise, corsit, slip and petticoat, all sewn by Valarie.  Photo taken at the Victorian Fashion Show in Port Townsend in March 2012. Valarie, you rock!

Artist unknown.  Taken at The Undertown in Port Townsend where they host Lord of the Rings dance offs with DJ Lance.

Seattle Public Library, Rem Koolhaas Architect

Guess what my favorite color is...



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