Thursday, August 9, 2012

Light Meter

Eastman Cotton Gin, Miller Road and Baseline, Buckeye, Arizona

This is what I thought was beautiful this morning at 5:41am today.  Well the only time to wash and use a blow dryer on my tiny hair is about 4:00am anyhow.  It is extreme heat these days in the desert.  I was waiting at the entry gate of the Gin so that my Father in Law, Dr. Edward DuBrow and his photography chum Ken Clemmer could have access to take some photos before the sun came up.

I always enjoy watching Ed take photos. He is strict with the schedule.  You have to capture the subject that you photographing before the sun comes up. That is it.  He is an extremely timely guy.  He had lots of his fancy expensive cameras with black and white film loaded.

Ken and Ed went under the fence with their heavy bag of gear and set up the tripod.  We felt so full of ourselves starting before the authority showed up to open the gate. But look at the light and the what the clouds were doing today!  

There is Ken Clemmer. Ken and Ed have been friends for 20 years and have shared many photographing adventures. Ken has a full on dark room.  Ken was in charge of taking digital colored photos while Ed stuck with the black and white film.  

Right now while Dr. DuBrow is seeing his patients, I am sure he has a burning excitement to sit over his light table with his magnifying glass to check out the work.

That was me in my checks, jeans and boots. Ken said I looked mean!

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  1. what an architectural gem.
    I love old buildings.
    Eastman Gin.