Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time for Abitare

L. Serbin grabbing an Abitare for inspiration.  Sweater, hand knitted by Suzanne de la Torre, hair, lightly tousled with gray rubber hair band, gilded eye shadow cream Tom Ford , Calvin Klein t-shirt from Costco and Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne. What do you mean you can't see my gilded eye shadow? Gawd!

Abitare 360 March of 1997.  This was bought before Serbin Studio had begun in 1998.  It was Paulo Sanza a native of Italia and my co-worker at Orcutt Winslow who inspired me to start a subscription.

My collection of late 90's Abitare are like old friends with ripped covers, ads for insanely small colorful kitchens and heroic design that respects Italian buildings of antiquity.  The graphic layout is always tasteful.  The best way to scan is keeping one focus in mind. Say for instance, you just flip through looking for stairs. 
My favorite projects are the ones that take place in ancient chapels in the countryside.

All this fancy design to get a toilet at the entry? Can you get over the Roman brick work! Madness!  I am batting my gold eyelids over the thinness of those bricks.

It rained for 5 minutes and the sun is going to win again soon.  No cat scratching posts were decapitated for the photo shoot. My library of Abitare is really high. 

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