Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Rubber bands are cool.

Yes, I am going to have the scupper painted. Now stop it!

Standing on top of the North Addition roof top you can get a great view.

The Dream Team: Ying Xiong, Tom Byrne, Stephen Bunyard , Ran Ethington and Willey Wipff
The City of Phoenix Center for the Arts project is looking miniature to me now.  Drywall is the skin that is now covering most of the interior structure. Wearing a hard hat is still the protocol with construction crews banging away on top of high scaffolding.      

Center for the Arts Interior Finish Palette Sample Board, Serbin Studio

The interior finishes have evolved with the input from Joseph Benesh, director for the Center for the Arts.  Benesh has pushed for the fun in this project.  He asked for more accent colors so I delivered.   The palette was previously ruled by purple, gray and terra cotta.  I interjected two crossover colors Beaujolais Pantone 18-2027 and Sunlight Pantone 13-0822. 

Sunlight is a yellow that is the perfect background for any color.  Sunlight is also a complimentary color to purple. Sunlight wakes this whole color board up with happiness!  The Beaujolais is the burgundy color that interjects a bit of richness.  

Crossovers, Nature's Most Versatile Colors, Leatrice Eiseman

Crossover is a term that is used in one of my favorite reads of all time, More Alive with Color by Leatrice Eiseman. If you want to find out what colors make you look incredible read this book. You could also ask me over for tea and I can help you out too.


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