Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunlight No. 2

This Sunlight inspiration started after I snapped this exterior door heading out the of the stair exit at the almost complete Center for the Arts project I have been overseeing for the last 8 months. The yellow looks delightful against the terra cotta.  The garbage can is not bad either. Ok the yellow electrical cord is not too shabby either.

My cacti are blooming.

A little customizing on this Sunlight scalloped stationary. I was inspired by the Center for the Arts color palette when I purchased this.  The cowgirl text is Burgundy against the Sunlight. Oh that is bliss!  

Apparently, my cat Tiger prefers Goldie Locks.

I consider this dress designed by Angela Kelly worn by Queen Elizabeth II to be true Sunlight.  She wears it well to the wedding of the Century.  The heels are great too.  Don't you think she could have rocked burgundy on the handbag? 

I have been looking for my Farrow & Ball, The Art of Color by Coleman for many search and rescue attempts. I have a photographic memory.  When I am working on a project I need to be able to find my books due to the fact that they are the file cabinets of images stuck in my membrane. Well I finally found this book this morning which had fell behind the entertainment center.  

Look at the Sunlight door frame! All the interior doors and frames will be Sunlight.  Glenn is the electrician with Gaylor and he is the best that's why I save him for second to last.

I want this Sunlight Louis Vuitton bag.  I peeked in the Vuitton Boutique in downtown Washington State looking for it. This sharp guy told me there are 4 in the world! Of course!

Hands up in the AIR if you like Sunlight!

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