Thursday, December 6, 2012

That's Totally Cool and Hot

Color fascinates me.  When I play with color I feel like it is one of my core purposes for living.  I feel especially cool and hot when I wear turquoise and red together.  

Words for AQUA BLUE.

Words for RED.

Mix Aqua and Red on this porch door and see what kind of charm it adds to the old wood floor.  It also helps that the air smells of fresh roasted coffee and they sell chia seeds in bulk.  Who knew?

Standing on a granite boulder today.

My eyes do a dance when I see Heat Miser and Snow Miser

It's the cool mixed with hot concept that makes this color combination so interesting for the eye.  OH GREAT...Why did I do it! Now I have that everlasting tune in my head!  I just bought these Ozonesocks in Old Town Glendale yesterday.  Oh, now you want the mary janes.

The red against the blue sky is striking.  Try to imagine an olive green blimp.  It would have a totally different effect. You would think we were being invaded or something?!

PREMIEREVISION featured in View Textile Magazine Issue 84

The red hair bends towards orange so we are dealing with complimentary colors. The blue eyes look bluer against her cool skin tone and Raggedy Ann hair.  Pretty.

Plateau, Land and Peoples of the Colorado Plateau, Summer 2000, page 37, Rio Grande 1950. 

John Wayne gets it done. Don't forget it!

Saturated Space is a new find for those of you who like color.

Would you wear this dress?  That's what I thought!

Plateau Journal, Land and Peoples of the Colorado Plateau, Summer 1997. Eugene Sekaquaptewa in his cornfield. Photo by Stephen Trimble. Special gift by Richard Shepherd.

Eugene totally has it going on! Does he know this? Go tell him.  Maybe Eugene likes red because he lives in a village on a Hopi mesa of northeast Arizona.  He wants a good crop of corn.  Those people living closer to the equator are more drawn to warm and/or bright colors. Color Symbolism & Trends, Leatrice Eiseman, page 128. 

He probably feels refreshed in that aqua camp shirt. As water is so necessary and precious to the preservation of life, humans are inexorably drawn to the lustrous surfaces because they are connected in "ancient memory" to bodies of shimmering water.  Color combination with luster is an irresistible lure.  Color Symbolism & Trends, Leatrice Eiseman, page 129.

But then Dad always said that blue stars were hotter than red stars.

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