Thursday, January 19, 2012

Traffic Does Not Stop

So there were these roses. Acres of roses lined up in a north and south direction. The sun was high and bleaching everything, including the fighter jets screaming by. I took my shot in between the rows.  The space is where the magic is. It really is.  This is how I got up to speed. 

When I go after a new project I have to get up to speed on the context super fast.  Gawd I know this is so deep. Winners get up to speed on a project's context so fast; it is like entering the interstate and pushing like hell on the gas so you can merge into traffic. 

  This is how I look to the left as I merge into a new project. I look at stuff quickly. I take photos of things most people don't even notice.  In the architecture world it is called CONTEXT.  Context is a word a professor just loves to throw around.  If you are late to class don't worry, you will hear it a million more times.  Context is found when you get lost in it. Drive, walk, ride a bike and talking with locals leads you right to it.  It's not like the building design will have cherubs in loin cloths at the building entrance.

  It is more of a Johnny Depp thing.  Johnny Depp walked in Jack Kerouac's jacket and squeezed a used tissue in the crumby pocket. Depp gets up to speed with his screen roles by walking in their shoes.

This fence is a good mile from the site.  You will never guess where my site is.  Sage, gray, red and a dirty white makes my mind start thinking of building materials.

I have a short time to put our qualifications for this project together and lock in my cruise control speed.

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