Thursday, May 16, 2013

Serbin Studio: Website Launch

This is the last post I will write under the blogger website.  I will continue blogging but on our new   Yes, we are launching our new website! I have been toiling away adding new content for you to check out.  Hopefully it will be easier to upload YouTube videos so we can watch more Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr. animation.  I have added a few of the past blogs and will issue a fresh post soon.

The original website was designed and programed by Jeff Serbin.   After 15 years of being in business we knew it was time to streamline our website.  With the help of Ryan Naylor and his team at Local we were able to understand how we could present ourselves in a more deliberate way.  I owe so much gratitude to Joseph Garcia at Local for teaching me everything there is to know about adding content to Word Press.  He was very patient with me and over time he started to understand how I like things done.

I hope you visit the site.  There are lots of new things that have been added like graphic design, planning, publications and new photos.   So if you want to read future Serbin Studio blog posts you can visit

Thank you for your support!

Lara Serbin

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