Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Makes You Creative

Yes, that is a paper clip box.  

Starting this model was not easy at all.  It took about three weeks to work myself up to breaking out the cardboard and coming up with 3 solid options.  If you know me by now, you know I hate 3 options too.  I can find every excuse not to start.

But deep down I know once I start I will feel so accomplished.
It's like laying a ultimatum on yourself, "If you don't start working on this cardboard gluing model project I will play One Direction on a loop!"  Work is life.  Work can be creative.  

All you need is a timer set to 15 minutes.  When I started this model I was stalling by throwing out socks that don't match.  At some point I set the timer for 15 minutes.  I tell myself that I have to work steady super focused for 15 minutes and when the timer dings I can do whatever I want for another 15 minutes. I continue this cycle until I reach the point when I want to keep working on my model.  When the timer is beeping and I want to throw a large stone at it so I can keep working I know I have arrived. 

Atget Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale Mission du Patriomoine Photographique Musee Carnavelet

In 15 minutes I found this shed roof on 21 Rue Mazarine, 1911 in the Quartier de la Monnaie. Not bad aye?  When you know you only have 15 minutes of intense focus, guess focus.  It is crazy how that works!  So I jumped on that idea and built a whole concept for a storefront from that little slice in a book.  

When my desk top gets like this... I really don't need a timer.  When you look at the clock and an hour has passed and it seemed like 10 minutes, you are in the creative zone. Easy.

Random cats are attracted to my desk when I am in the creative zone.

The metal shed canopy with the jagged edge is so Historic Buckeye.  I think this is going to work.


So c...c..come on!

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  1. cc come on, did you really have to put that song in my head. good post.