Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Buckeye Mainstreet Coalition

I initially asked to be on the Buckeye Mainstreet Coalition on my birthday February 8th of 2011.  It has been a fun ride being a member of the Coalition.  Why do I like being a part of this group?

They get stuff done.  

It is like cooking with my daughter Lily in the kitchen you know.  I have made breaded chicken a million times and I am really good at it.  When she wants to help she gets really excited and wants to help and I just want to do it all myself to avoid the messes.  I am so much faster and neater than her. She will sprinkle flour on the floor and counter and cabinets. There will be flour in the drawers.   She pats the chicken too much and it drives me crazy.  Well I just described how it is when someone like me joins a group of well established friends.  I get so excited that I want to help.  I have learned to hush.

In a short amount of time our Coalition has accomplished many great things and continues to spin out new ideas for Historic Buckeye.  I am helping with the chicken.  It is so awesome helping with the chicken!  I cannot even tell you how good it is.

Historic Buckeye, Arizona

The aerial above is our main focus.  The road going north/south is Miller Avenue and the road going east/west is Monroe Avenue.  The objective for Mainstreet is to work closely with the Town of Buckeye and the Buckeye community to bring a flow of commerce to Historic Buckeye.  We want to celebrate the agricultural and western spirit that says "Buckeye is Open for Business!"  That's Mayor Jackie Meck's campaign.

Our second Design Initiative got approved last night at the Buckeye Council Meeting.  This project is a gateway for Monroe Avenue.

Miller + Jackson Gateway - Design Initiative, Buckeye Mainstreet Coalition

The spot that is getting the new gateway is the purple zone.  It is a manufactured home park along a route where hundreds of vehicular traffic flow to and from to the Equestrian Center to the South on Hazen Avenue.  We want to encourage drivers to hang a right once they get to Monroe. See the arrows!

Existing conditions of Miller and Jackson.

Proposed design intent.

We are proposing painted block with windows of ventilation.

I hope this gateway not only provides a welcome point of entry for Monroe Avenue but also a sense of pride for the ones who live in this neighborhood.

So Verlyne Meck said I get my boots after two years. Stoked.

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  1. What did we do before sketchup. Nice to see buckeye improving. It will only enhance its small town charm. Let us not loose are Arizona history