Thursday, May 24, 2012

Home Schooled

Presidio, Tucson, Arizona *This is the kind of thing you will see when you are in the Presidio*

Manning House, 1907, historical mansion, Presidio of Tucson, Arizona

Manning House, cupola, Presidio of Tucson, Arizona

I was driving down Speedway Boulevard in Tucson, Arizona this past Wednesday and it is very windy. Looking west at a traffic light I saw the familiar mountain top silhouette of a woman's face in repose and suddenly I was a college student at U of A. That is why I come to Tucson. I like the way I feel here.  I was on my way to attend a luncheon and meet my friend Laurie Taylor.  I had a cactus needle sheath of time to shop. I decided to go to POP CYCLE my favorite boutique that sells up-cycled handbags, frames, clothing, jewelry and images of Wonder Woman shellaced to a piece of wood.  The WORK at this boutique is so defiant and bursting with creativity.  I love when they gift wrap something in used up bingo cards. 

Fourth Avenue was completely ripped up with the trolley car construction so I pushed through the flying pieces of debris and chugging construction trucks.   I decided to go to the green hued COOP next door for a Kombucha to kill the 5 minutes I had to wait for Pop Cycle to open.   A greasy blonde haired dude was standing in my way, "Excuse me." I said after witnessing somebody on a much different time zone than I was in.   I was thinking he was going to be there way longer than a minute. He was really reading all the cans of coconut milk cultured in organic moon beam light. He was looking for tiny fine print saying the coconuts were home schooled.  I didn't have time for the Bingo card gift wrapping!

This bag with a triple strand of pearls.

You might as well buy everything they have.

  What if someone wants to borrow a cup of rice?

So of course I was the first customer at Pop Cycle and I bought half a dozen items in about 12 minutes. First decision was the hideous print grandma floral polyester pant up-cycled into a beach bag. I knew this thing was gold because it was close to the check out.  Now that it lives in my closet, I wish it had a zipper, base, lining, flap, brass hardware and stronger branding.

  That is another story for later...

Where else can you go and buy an up-cycled pencil bag with a bad ass wrestler with chrome eyes, have a lovely lunch with a friend at the Manning House for an AAED luncheon to learn about the economical climate of Pima County, and have an iced cafe Americana at Bently's?  

Most importantly though... where else can you see a cat on a leash? 

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