Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When E-mail is Not Enough

My light table is bigger than yours.

Blue tape used for painting is ideal for taping it to the light table.  It is also ideal if you have a couture sewing garment that you are working on in between the thank you notes.

How to get noticed at the mailbox is a handwritten thank you note.  I polished off 8 of them last week.  It took about 4 hours but I know the recipient will enjoy my hand written note.  I try to make it easy otherwise it just won't get done.  Being the perfectionist that I am, I have a straight lined template that I printed out to insert in the envelope and I tape behind the card so my writing will be straight and evenly spaced.  I keep the message upbeat like I am just getting off a sailboat at Nantucket and there is a lobster roll party on the beach with red cloth napkins.  I hate lobster.  How about fresh crab, cole slaw and beans.  No not crab.  How about sloppy joes?  THAT'S IT! 

All I am saying is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE why don't you!  When I am writing these notes I look at the back of the business card of the person I had just met.  I try to write comments so I will remember that they were wearing a black polo, they played with their phone alot, Maybe they mentioned something about discovering a goldmine in some remote region.  I add something personal in my note and end with a professional recognition of our meeting.  I use a Mont Blanc that I have to fill with ink for about every 4 letters.  I use the best paper I can get my hands on usually from Kelly Paper.  I use a card and envelope that fits in my printer.  By printing in house *literally* I can customize the photo if I want.

I know right now you are thinking I should get an agent so I can become a hand model.

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  1. very thoughtful of you!! i'm sure your notes will be appreciated! wish i had a light board... i have attempted to do the straight line thing that way--minus the light board and it just isn't as efficient!